Forms and Documents

Authorization to Release Information
If you would like TVCC to be able to discuss your student records with anyone other than yourself please fill out the Authorization to Release Information.  This form can also be submitted via

Change of Degree / Area of StudyUse this form on to make sure we have your correct major/degree. Complete the Change of Degree/Area of study by logging into and updating the student information. 

Complete Withdrawal Form
Students who merely stop attending classes without formally withdrawing will receive the grades assigned by their instructors and will not receive a refund of tuition and fees. A student may be administratively removed from a class, but this will not result in any obligation of refund to the student. Recipients of federal financial aid may be required to return monies to the applicable federal program.
Course Waiver/Substitution Petition (PDF | Download)
Use this form to ask the college to either substitute or waive a requirement for your program of study.
Direct Deposit for Payroll/Financial Aid Funds (PDF | Download) 
This form is used to request direct deposit of any payroll or financial aid funds directly to a personal bank account. 

Registration Form  (Add or Drop a Class)
In the event online registration is unavailable via, a paper registration can be completed.  This form is completed and submitted by the student..

Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Grade Contract (PDF | Download)
Use this form to request a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade instead of a letter grade.


Petitions for Graduation

Please fill this form out one term in advance of your final term in order to recieve your one year certificate. For Spring graduation, your petition is due in February.

Advising Documents

Current - Degree Audit - Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (PDF Download ) 

Math and English Chart (PDF | Download)These charts show the progression through math and writing courses.

Class Schedule Worksheet
This worksheet is an optional tool for students and advisors to use to plan their class schedule.

Dual Enrollment Documents

Underage Applicant
Included this form when you apply for admission if you are under 18 and have not graduated from High School or received your GED.

College Choice Concurrent Enrollment Form (PDF | Download)
Include this form as part of your College Choice Admissions. This form must be signed by your Parent/Guardian and your High School Principal or Counselor.

Have questions about Dual Enrollment programs? 541-881-5806

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