John Cammack

 John Cammack

John Cammack

1.       When did you attend TVCC?

I attended from 2009 – 2011.

2.       How/why did you choose TVCC?

I chose TVCC because it was close to where I lived (Ontario) and it offered the prerequisite classes I needed to get accepted to a School of Pharmacy.

3.       What was your experience like?

I had a good experience at TVCC. I found the instructors to be good at teaching and very helpful to the needs of individual students. I also enjoyed being around other students who are more down to earth than you might find at some other institutions of learning.

4.       What degree did you earn at TVCC?

I did not earn a degree at TVCC. I was just there to complete prerequisite classes for Pharmacy School.

5.       Where did you transfer to?

I went to the Glendale, AZ campus of Midwestern University.

6.       Did you feel prepared?

Yes, I felt the courses I took at TVCC prepared me well with the science knowledge I needed for Pharmacy School.

7.       How was the transfer process?

For me, it was not actually a transfer.  I used courses I took at TVCC to apply to Pharmacy Schools and I was accepted at 3 different Pharmacy Schools. Then I chose the one that was best for me.

8.       What degree did you earn at your transfer institution?

I earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD.).

9.       Do you think your education was worthwhile?

Yes, it was very worthwhile. It allowed me to get a good job in the field that I chose.

10.   Any thoughts or advice you would give someone beginning the process?

Talk to people in various types of professions and find out what they do and do not like about their jobs. When you have decided what you want to study, map out what you need to do to get to the next step in your plan (job, degree, etc.) in the shortest time and stick to the plan. Work hard because it will be worth it later on.

11.   Where are you today?

I am currently working as a pharmacist for Walgreens in Boise. Becoming a pharmacist was my goal when I started at TVCC and TVCC helped me to achieve it.